IndustryGoole Paid Listings: Premium Sponsorships & AdWords

Goole Paid Listings: Premium Sponsorships & AdWords

In addition to Google's free crawler-based results (marked A and B), Google also has two types of paid listings.

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  • Up Close With Google’s Contextual Ads, 3/03
  • Google Throws Hat Into The Contextual Advertising Ring, 3/03
  • Forget The CPC! What’s Your ROI?, 7/02


In addition to Google’s free crawler-based results (marked A and B), Google also has two types of paid listings. These are shown marked C and D in the example below. This page covers how your site might appear in these paid listings.


Premium Sponsorships

Premium Sponsorships are paid listings that appear within boxes that run at the top of Google’s results page, as marked with C, in Example 1, above. These are sold through Google ad representatives and require a $10,000 minimum ad spend, over three months. More information can be obtained via the page below:

Advertising Inquiry Form


The AdWords program allows listings to appear in boxes that run along the right-hand side of Google’s results page, as marked with D in the example above. These are sold on a self-serve basis, which means you can get started almost immediately, as long as you have a credit card. The review below provides more information about AdWords and how they are distributed to sites beyond Google’s own:

Up Close With Google AdWords
The Search Engine Update, March 4, 2002

This article touches on how some AdWords listings are being moved up into Premium Sponsorship slots.

Letter From Sydney
The Search Engine Update, June 17, 2002

There are a number of editorial guidelines that relate to AdWords copy. The article below explains this in depth:

Compare & Contrast: Ad Guidelines At Overture & Google
The Search Engine Update, Aug. 5, 2002

By default, Google distributes AdWords to sites beyond its own, including AOL Search (as explained on the How AOL Search Works page). If you do not want distribution beyond Google, you’ll have to change your settings as described below:

AdWords FAQ:
How do I choose whether to show my ads on Google partner sites?

Finally, be aware that Google “geotargets” ads, which means that those in different countries get different ads even if they perform the same search. The page below from Google explains this more:

AdWords FAQ: Language and Geographic Targeting

Other Articles About Google’s Ad Programs

Below are article written outside of Search Engine Watch that deal with Google’s ad programs. Also see the More Search Engine Marketing Resources: Paid Listings page for articles that involve paid listings through Google and other providers.

Prime Google AdWords Keywords Still Ignored by Many Businesses, Nov. 26, 2002

Traffick’s Andrew Goodman finds that Google seems to have plenty of inventory where advertisers can get placed cheaply, in comparison to Overture.

Google AdWords: Sublime Poetry?
SearchDay, May 13, 2002

A frustrated poet uses Google’s AdWords program to not only lose money with his art, but as a clever way to test the effectiveness of keywords for search engine optimization efforts.

How Moreover Got 10.21% Click Through on Ads
ContentBiz, Feb. 2, 2001

The headline pretty much says it all. Case study of a paid link campaign at Google.

Internet Marketing Firm Wins New Clients by “Tweaking” Google’s AdWords Program, Dec. 18, 2000

A marketer finds success with Google paid links, but don’t overlook this key point: “So much success has to do with your landing page.” In short, be sure when they arrive at your site, everything’s set for them to convert toward your goals.


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