Search Engine Reviews Chart – Early 1997

Computer Life 8/97

Reviewed major search engines and directories in Aug. 97. First number shows search engine score. Some search engines were also rated for their associated directories or only as a directory. That number is shown second. Top score was 5.

Search Engine Challenge 5/97

PC Computing put several search engines to the test at NetWorld+Interop 97 in May. HotBot won with 13 points. Excite came in a close second with 12 points, followed by Alta Vista with 6 points and Infoseek with 4 points. A variety of questions were asked over two days.

Searcher 5/97

Reviewed the major search engines and how well they performed in a variety of tests for the magazine’s May 97 issue. Ranks are from 1 to 4, 1 being best, based on the article’s summary at the end.

NetGuide 5/97

I wrote this review of major search engines for the magazine’s May 97 issue. Scores were done when the story was written in March. Several of the search engines have improved since then.

Washington Post 2/97

Reviewed the major search engines on Jan. 31, 1997 (shown as 2/97 on chart). Grades weren’t assigned, so a + or – symbol is shown to indicate how well each search engine did in the review.


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