Search Spotlight: iTrack Searches

Search Spotlight is a rotating feature that focuses on the different ways people search for information. Currently, it looks at the top search keywords entered into iTrack, a metasearch tool for auction lovers. This gives you an idea of the types of products people are interested in purchasing online. Keywords shown are from the end of July 1999.

Rank Keyword
1 beanie
2 computer
3 digital
4 computers
5 camera
6 video
7 palm
8 babies
9 sony
10 laptop
11 cd
12 antique
13 books
14 hard
15 dvd
16 notebook
17 tickets
18 glass
19 vintage
20 disney
21 china
22 cards
23 macintosh
24 cd-rw
25 pilot
26 pentium
27 monitor
28 art
29 watch
30 ty

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t show actual search phrases. For instance, if someone searched for “digital camera,” each word is individually ranked. However, one can review the list and guess which products are probably being searched for. Some of these would be:

  • ty beanie babies
  • computers
  • digital camera
  • disney videos
  • palm pilots
  • laptops & notebooks

What People Search For

Still curious about how people search? Look at this page in Search Engine Watch for more resources.

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