Yahoo! Site Submission Survey

Every day Yahoo editors scour the Web looking for the best sites possible to add to our directory. As you well know, one good source for quality sites has always been user suggestions. Indeed, a significant number of the sites that make it into Yahoo are submitted by users. We’ve always appreciated this fact.Yahoo editors visit and evaluate as many sites as possible. Ours is a job that requires careful, meticulous consideration of each and every site–we want a directory that maintains the quality of listings you’ve come to expect. But, you probably also know that we are inundated with tens of thousands of site submissions a week. The care and time it takes to build the Yahoo directory does not allow us to get to every single one of them.

We know that our inability to look at everything can be a source of frustration for some of you who have submitted sites. Occasionally, some of you have mentioned you’d be willing to pay a fee to guarantee that a Yahoo editor will look at your site, for evaluation and possible inclusion in the directory.

So, that is our question here today. Would you ever consider paying a one-time fee to guarantee that an editor looks at your site, to consider it for inclusion in the Yahoo directory?

To respond, please fill out the following brief survey. Thank you for your time.


1) How many people do you employ in your business?
(Choose one)
1 (self employed)
2 – 10
11 – 50
51 – 100
101 – 250
251 – 500
More than 500
2) Do you have an online store (take orders directly over the Web)?
(Choose one)
3) If not, are you planning to create one?
(Choose one)
Yes, currently evaluating, next 3 months
Yes, plan to in next 3-6 months
Yes, plan to in next 6 months to year
Yes, plan to in next year or two
No, not planning to create one
4) If you currently have a web site or store, are you spending to promote it, or in other words, to drive people to it?
(Choose one)
5) What are the top 3 forms of online advertising that your company spends a significant portion of its budget on?
(Check all that apply)
Banner ads
Yellow Page ads or listings (online or off-line)
Paid directory listings
Don’t advertise online
6) If you currently have a web site or store, how are you promoting your site or products for free?
(Check all that apply)
Search engines and Portals
Other free directories
Online Yellow Pages
Online Malls
Banner exchange networks
Online classifieds
Online auctions
Not promoting it
7) How interested would you be in a service that ensured that your site would be considered for listing in Yahoo?
(Choose one)
Not interested
8) If interested, what would you expect to pay as a one time non-refundable fee for your site to be considered for listing in Yahoo?
(Choose one)
$100 – $200
$200 – $300
$300 – $500
$500 – $1000
Wouldn’t pay
9) How interested would you be in a Yellow Pages listing in Yahoo (your listing would be bold, and would be given priority placement compared to the rest of the listings)?
(Choose one)
Not Interested
10) If interested, how much would you be willing to pay each month?
(Choose one)
$11 – $20/month
$21 – $30/month
$31 – $40/month
$40 – $50/month
More than $50/month
If you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to add, please enter them in the area below.
When you have completed answering all the questions, press the “ENTER” button!
That’s it! Thank you for answering our survey!


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