Help Test the Wondir Search Engine

Wondir, a unique and powerful new search service, needs your help during a concentrated beta test of its system.

What’s so different about Wondir? For starters, it’s a search service built and run by a (truly) non-profit organization. The mission of the foundation is to provide free, high quality information to anyone who asks. Unlike virtually all other major search engines, Wondir is also ad-free.

It delivers information in a novel way, too. Wondir combines meta search technologies with some proprietary tools that can tap into Invisible web resources. It also features a community of volunteers who answer questions that the automated search tools can’t always handle.

This community service orientation is why it deserves your help. During what Wondir calls a “concentrated beta test” tomorrow night, you can both help test the system by asking questions, and put your own knowledge to work by answering questions that scroll by on Wondir’s “question ticker.”

“The Wondir question ticker can put your question in front of thousands of eyeballs instantly,” writes Matthew Koll, Chairman of the Wondir Foundation. “And you can see what other people are asking right now. Ask or answer any question by instant messaging (or by posting or by email).”

How do people use the question ticker? Koll writes:

“Get help with homework, life problems, or anything else on your mind. Help others with their questions. Share your knowledge, experience and interests. Or just watch the stream of questions.”

Although helping Wondir is voluntary, if you register and answer a question you will be eligible to win prizes in the weekly Wondir drawing. Registration isn’t necessary to use Wondir. However, if you decide to register you can receive cash “tips” from people you help.

“The power of Wondir grows with the number of people using it,” says Koll.

Though you can use Wondir any time, the concentrated beta test is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 20 from 9-10pm, EDT. Stop by and help out!

Meta Search + Invisible Web + Virtual Librarians = Wondir!
SearchDay, June 6, 2002
A team of respected search industry veterans is building a new and different kind of information service that seeks to unify cutting edge technology with the web’s original egalitarian vision of people freely helping people.

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