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Visualizing Google Search Results

MoreGoogle is a simple utility that enhances Google result pages with thumbnail images and other useful links.

MoreGoogle is a simple utility that enhances Google result pages with thumbnail images and other useful links.

I’ve always liked thumbnail previews of search results. Seeing a preview image is often useful when deciding whether to click through to a particular page or not. Various search engines have experimented with providing thumbnails over the years, but the practice hasn’t really caught on. One of the better implementations is, an implementation of the Open Directory project with thumbnail previews.

MoreGoogle, as the name implies, enhances Google search results. The thumbnails it displays are tiny screen shots of each search result URL. These images come from Alexa, not Google, so not all results have an associated image.

MoreGoogle also adds additional links to the bottom of a search result. These links are “site info,” “archived,” and “more related,” providing additional information from Alexa.

The “site info” link shows site stats, Alexa’s “traffic rank” for the site, and other interesting statistics. The “archived” link calls up historical cached copies of the site from the Internet Archives. And the “more related” link shows related sites based on information gleaned by users of Alexa’s toolbar.

If your query is commercially oriented, and Google includes results from Amazon, MoreGoogle further enhances these results with price information and user ratings, pulled directly from Amazon product pages.

MoreGoogle is a tiny application that works in the background, rather than taking up browser real estate as a toolbar. The author of the program asserts that MoreGoogle contains no spyware, transmits no personal information, and is easy to uninstall if you want to get rid of it.

Because MoreGoogle supplements Google results with images from Alexa and additional information from Amazon, you may find your search results have slowed down. If you find this burdensome, consider ggler as an alternative. This site provides an online interface to Google, enhanced with thumbnail search results, without the additional links and other info.

MoreGoogle Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher; Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. MoreGoogle is located on a sloooow server in Europe; be prepared to wait between clicking links and getting a response from the site.

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