NetRatings Provides Vertical Search Breakdown

NetRatings has come out with a new "MegaView Search" service designed to let the ratings company better report search behavior. As part of the new data, NetRatings
reports (via PDF press release) that search activity in July 2004 broke down like this:

  • Web Search: 99 percent
  • Local Search: 24 percent
  • Shopping Search: 18 percent
  • Image Search: 10 percent
  • News Search: 6 percent

Why don’t the figures add up to 100 percent? Because the same person might do different searches. So of 107 million searchers tracked in July, virtually all of them did a
web search at some point in the month, then 24 percent of them did a search classified as local, 18 percent a shopping search and so on.

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