Commenting About Posts

Want to comment on something in our blog? Our Search Engine Watch Forums are where we invite you to remark on any blog posts, just as we currently use them for those who want to comment about regular news stories that we write.

Registering to use the forums is free and easy. OK, we know it’s not as easy as simply entering your name and email address, as some other blogs allow. However, channeling
comments into our forums does help us avoid comment spam.

In addition, using our forums ensures that discussions at Search Engine Watch happen in only one place. We think it would be confusing to have the same topic being
discussed both within the comments of our blog posts and also in one of our forum threads.

Many times, there’s already a forum thread going on something we blog about. In these cases, we’ll often provide a direct link to the correct thread at the bottom of the

If there’s not a thread already going, please feel free to start one and let us know if you do so. As time allows, we’ll go back and update the blog post to reference the

To let us know about a new thread you’ve started, use our general feedback form. You can also use that
form to send feedback to all Search Engine Watch’s story editors about something we’ve blogged, if you don’t want to comment publicly.

Want to contact ONLY the blog author directly for some reason? Then simply click on their name at the bottom of each post to reach a page getting you to a direct contact

Finally, if you’re looking for coverage, read our Getting Covered In Search Engine Watch page and use
that form.

Want to comment about this? Please contribute to this forum thread: New Search Engine Watch Blog.

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