iZito & Ujiko: Meta Search With Personality

iZito is a new meta search engine with a clever feature. Click on any listing you are interested in using the P icon next to the listing
title. That “parks” the listing into your to do list. Click on the P tab, and you can see all the pages you’ve culled.

It’s an easy, handy way to make a custom result set. Also interesting is the ability to show listings in up to three columns across the screen, letting you see more results
at once. Seen a site before?

Want an easy rundown? If you’ve got Flash and broadband, watch the demo. It only takes about a minute. Don’t have Flash? Then
don’t bother with iZito, because it’s required.

The iZito to do list is almost as good as my current favorite feature, the trash/heart icons at Ujiko. Do a search on that meta search
engine, and you can easily eliminate any listing you hate by clicking on the trash can icon. Very slick — it immediately is removed from the screen.

Love a listing? Give it a few hearts. Similar to Eurekster, the next time you search, it will be at
the top of the list. You can also edit the description of any listing and organize results into folders.

These features sound similar to “personal search” features out recently from Ask Jeeves and a9, though Ujiko outdates them by several months. Unlike those services, I like
how the Ujiko “memory” of a page you’ve annotated shows up right within the regular search results.

In other words, say you did a search, found a page you loved and gave it a couple of hearts plus a custom description. If that page comes up again in another search, you’ll
see your custom annotations shown.

On the flipside, Ujiko requires Flash. Ask Jeeves and a9 do not. So be sure to try out the features there, if you lack/dislike Flash. Personally, I’ve been playing much
more with a9 recently, liking the fact that I can get Google results and also have it automatically keep track of things I’ve selected from the results.

I’ve done a short write-up of Ujiko in the past here. Gary’s done a longer one here:
Kartoo Launches a New Search Product: UJIKO. As for Ask Jeeves, my thoughts on the
new product were blogged in Ask Jeeves Personal Search Goes Live. Also be sure to also read Gary’s write-up:
Ask Jeeves Serves It Your Way. For more on a9, see Gary’s coverage:
Amazon’s a9 Launches.

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