Search Meets TV

A twofer on the concept of search meets TV. First, Bambi Francisco weighed in earlier this month with

Tomorrow’s Internet
. She touches on the idea that we might search for video clips of what was said during a presidential debate using our remote control or similarly seek
out what someone may have said on a chat show.

In fact, such things are possible to some degree now, though not through your remote. Gary gave a rundown on some in his
Interview with Search Engine Researcher post, including the fee-based
site that lets you search for video clips based on the closed-caption information associated with

We list a number of other useful tools such as Singingfish on our Multimedia Search Engines page,
including some past articles on the topic of audio-visual search.

Along with existing tools, IBM’s Marvel project also aims to enter the space: Marvel at IBM’s New Multimedia
Search Tool
. And Chris previously noted that cable company Comcast is looking at blending search and TV: The
Next Search Titan: Comcast?

John Battelle brought in his own thoughts on the subject yesterday in Friday Sketching: TV and Search Merge. The
key component here is video on demand meets search targeted advertising. By knowing your interests, and programs you have searched for, perhaps ads might be automatically
inserted into the programming.

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