IndustryDon’t Call it a Browser, Call It a Navigator (& Other Google News)

Don't Call it a Browser, Call It a Navigator (& Other Google News)

Another day and more Google news. Here’s a roundup of three items that came to our attention this morning.

1) Searchblog has an excellent review of the latest Google Browser (GBrowser) talk from Slashdot and On Sunday, we posted a quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying that his company is NOT developing a browser. I believe Dr. Schmidt.

However, I wouldn’t bet against Google developing what WE would look at and call a browser but when it’s released they’ll market and brand it as something other than a browser. Don’t just browse the web but navigate the Internet with Google! How about the Google Internet Navigator? (GIN) or just GNavigator. You get the idea.

2) Netcraft reports that Salvatore Aranzulla, an Italian journalist, has found another flaw with the Google Desktop.
“The flaw allows attackers to target users of the Google Desktop application and modify the contents of search pages by injecting scripts located on external servers. Such cross site scripting attacks provide attackers with a means of obtaining information under the guise of a reputable domain.”

3) A ZDNet UK article: Hackers use Google to defeat anti-spam measures let’s us know that a phishing scam that utilizes Google redirects.

Antivirus experts have discovered a phishing email that redirects users three times through Google to a fraudulent registration Web site in order to beat antispam technology.

The email purports to be from Yahoo administrators and attempts to dupe users into signing up for new email accounts with the company. But using a clever combination of Yahoo and their own home-made Web sites, the hackers are claiming the accounts as their own.


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