Search Ads Used By More Than “New Breed” Advertisers

According to Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News, Google and other search
companies are tapping into a new breed of advertiser and don’t yet covet the dollars General Motors and other large companies spend on television ads.

Not so. Not at all. Not by a long shot.

Search advertising remains new, but it is hardly dominated by small mom-and-pops who’ve never advertised before. Plenty of businesses small and large, new to advertising
and experienced, make use of the space. I’ve talked with the full range of them at our various conferences.

Search isn’t best viewed as attracting a “new breed” of advertiser. Instead, it’s better understood as new advertising medium that has sprung up. Yes, this new medium has
attracted a new breed of advertiser who understands how search ads work. However, there are plenty of the old breed who use it as well.

And believe me, Google wants those big GM ad dollars. So does Overture and other search media. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be funding research showing the tie between
search ads and branding, as they did with the IAB recently.

For more on that, see our forum thread Branding Boosted By Paid Ads, Research Says or my
Search Can Provide Brand Lift, Study Finds article for Search Engine Watch

More comments on Gillmor’s article also from Greg Linden: Google and the long tail.

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