VideoGoFish For Meta Music Searching

GoFish For Meta Music Searching

What is is with “fishing” and multimedia search? (-:

Earlier today we posted about a new beta at Singingfish, AOL’s multimedia search site. The new Singingfish slogs is, “It’s a Strange World. Fish It.” Instead of clicking a “search” or “find” button, you’ll click the “Fish It” button. SingingFish crawls the open web looking for multimedia content.

Beginning Monday, SingingFish will not be the only “fish” site doing multimedia searching.

In today’s Merc (and on his Silicon Beat blog yesterday) Michael Bazeley lets us know about that will officially launch on Monday.

Think of it as a meta/federated shopping search site that allows you to find material from, “Napster,, iTunes and a host of other online music merchants.”

As Michael puts it, “It functions in much the same way as comparison shopping sites, which aggregate feeds of product information from online retailers. GoFish pulls in catalog feeds from music sellers, grouping them into a searchable index.”

GoFish will generate revenue by earning a 9 percent to 15 percent commission from merchants for every sale it sends to a merchant.

Bazeley also reports that GoFish management hopes to partner with a “second-tier” engine before the end of the year.

Could GoSingingFish be in the works?


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