MSN Launches a Search Wiki

This afternoon and just in time for the holidays, let’s say hello to the MSN Search Wiki.

The new wiki is another way of interacting with the MSN Search team. MSN also offers a msnsearch WebLog, newsgroup.

MSN also has a rep who occasionally lurks in the WMW Forum. Yes, SEW has an MSN Search forum as well — while other search reps frequent our forum, MSN has yet to appear. We’re told they’re working on it.

The MSN Search wiki can be read by anyone and covers both their algorithmic search tool and their desktop search app. If you’re interested in editing you’ll need to be a registered user.

Topics include:
+ What are our competitors doing? What do you think of it?
+ What features do you want from a search engine?
+ How should the website and the toolbar work together?

If 2004 was the year of the web search blog will 2005 be the year of the search wiki?

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