Yahoo!, SBC, and Others Partner to Create Home Entertainment Box

Convergence 2005!

About six weeks ago I posted that Yahoo and SBC were planned to extend the types of services available via their partnership.

Today, we’re learning about some integrated services that will be available by mid-2005. Say hello to the SBC/Yahoo set-top box.

+ A new set-top box that integrates, “satellite TV programming, digital video recording, video on demand, and Internet content including photos and music [via Launch].”

+ “The service will include a satellite TV receiver [via Dish Network], digital video recorder (DVR) and storage for digital photos and music…and will allow customers to access photos and music and to schedule their digital video recorder (DVR) remotely from any Web-connected computer through the SBC Yahoo! user interface.” Plans have also been announced that wireless access will eventually be available.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Yahoo also provide video and other search technology via the box in the future.

More in this Reuters story.

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