Ask Plans Mobile Search In 2005

I said several times in ’04 that mobile search and access to info would continue to grow in both usage and the number of mobile services available.

An IDG News story: Ask Jeeves Developing Wireless Search Service, reports that the butler will have a mobile search tool available sometime in 2005. I think mobile access to Ask’s Smart Search technology (ANSWERS not only links) will be a plus for the mobile searcher since research time and other issues are major considerations when searching via a mobile device.

In developing its wireless search services, Ask Jeeves will focus on providing very specific information to queries and not try to replicate the conventional Web searching experience, given the nature of wireless communications and devices, he [Daniel Read, Ask Jeeves’ vice president of product management] said.

The second half of 2004 was a busy time for mobile search. We saw new releases from Yahoo (who already had a very robust platform), Google,, and others. Btw, RSS and other syndication formats also work very well on mobile devices. Bloglines already offers a special interface for mobile web users.

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