VideoYahoo Video Search Expands, On Home Page

Yahoo Video Search Expands, On Home Page

Late word from Yahoo! that as of 9PM PST tonight Yahoo! Video Search will be accessible via a tab on the Yahoo homepage. A video search tab will also become visible on the interface. YVS will remain in beta.

Additionally, Yahoo! is announcing a new relationship (the content will not be available as of tonight) with TVEyes. In the near future (an exact date is not available) Yahoo! Video Search will allow you to search every word spoken during television news broadcasts from the BBC, Sky News, and Bloomberg. You’ll be searching the closed captioning associated with the broadcast and then can click to view the full-motion video of your search terms being spoken.

It’s worth pointing out that video search databases like BlinxTV and audio search database, Speechbot, use speech recognition technology to create a searchable transcript that you search by entering keywords into the search box. BlinkxTV offers content from many television and radio broadcasters (including the BBC) while Speechbot offers more than 15,000 hours of keyword searchable radio programming.

For the majority of the content in the Yahoo! Video Search database you’re actually searching the metadata and contextual data associated with each video file that the Yahoo spider finds in its crawl of open web content. Yahoo recently launched Media RSS, a new RSS format to make finding and crawling this type of content easier.


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