PPCSearch Advertising Comes of Age

Search Advertising Comes of Age

John Markoff and Nat Ives from The New York Times take a two page look at search advertising in: Web Search Sites See Clicks Add Up to Big Ad Dollars.

The article says that web advertising has come of age since several Super Bowl advertisers are also Google advertising “regulars.”

“In the past, advertising has been hard to track and hard to make accountable,” said Tim Armstrong, Google’s vice president for advertising sales. Now, he said, advertising has become a dialogue with the consumer.

Also, positive comments about search advertising from a Berkeley professor.

“You’re seeing advertising move into advertising that people can seek out, and moving away from mass advertising,” said Peter Sealey, a former Coca-Cola marketing executive who now teaches at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. “In the context of that shift, this little niche of Internet search will be a huge beneficiary.”

Bill Gross, the founder of the first pay-per-click company, GoTo.com (which became Overture and now owner by Yahoo!) tells The Times that he never thought that keyword/ppc advertising would become as big as it is.

“I thought that the Internet was fantastic, and I was sure that it would become the ultimate direct marketing tool,” he said yesterday. “But I had no idea that pay-per-click would ultimately be this big.”

Gross launched his latest search effort, Snap.Com in 2004.


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