IndustryTalking About Google’s Feb. 2005 Update

Talking About Google's Feb. 2005 Update

For Search Engine Watch members, I’ve posted a Google’s Feb. 2005 Update article
that summarizes some things about the Google update that’s recently happened. No major revelations, but pointers to various forum threads and a few thoughts.

Yes, there was an update — Google has confirmed what everyone has already observed. In something new, the company has also created a special email address allowing you to
send feedback of any type specifically about the change. To do so, email [email protected], but keep in mind:

  • This is not a way to get indexing support. If you need that type of support, visit Google’s webmaster info section for
    answers to many questions.
  • Google’s engineers will see the message and review them and make any changes they think may help the index overall.
  • If you love something, ensure you tell Google what the search query was you did and the page or pages you think shined.
  • If you hate something, again — tell Google the query you did and the page or pages that were disappointing.

The feedback will all be gathered to the review that Google already does of changes.

“We do in-depth testing of the changes we make to ensure that we’re improving our relevancy and results,” said Google software engineer Matt Cutts.

Want to discuss or learn more? The
What’s Going On With Google: Feb. 2005 Update summarizes key threads on the topic in our forums.


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