Web Research “Dashboard” Nextaris Formally Launches, New Services Added

Nextaris, a web-based “dashboard” for the researcher was formally released today. Chris had several positive thing to say about this feature-filled service in his September 2004 Search day review: Nextaris: An Integrated Web Research Dashboard. He concludes his article by saying that Nextaris is, “blazing a trail for the next generation of web research tools.”

I think Chris was 100% on target with these thoughts and after today’s launch of their new Nextaris Mobile service, this Menlo Park company continues to blaze even more trails.

Nextaris offers a variety of services (all free) in a single location. Here are just a few of the services available:

+ Capture and save web content to a secured Nextaris server
100MB of disk space is available for free
+ Save desktop content to a secured Nextaris server
+ Share folders of material with colleagues and friends

In his November SearchDay article Chris writes, “To me, the most interesting feature Nextaris offers is the ability to share folders with others. This is a true peer-to-peer system, allowing you to collaborate in virtually real-time with others.”

+ Privately message members of your group(s)
+ Blog publishing and RSS tools
+ Create and share photo albums
+ Search multiple databases simultaneously, create news alerts
+ A directory of all Nextaris services can be accessed here along with a “What’s New” page listing new services and features available today.

When I used Nextaris in 2004 it was a bit slow in capturing and saving web pages. Chris also mentions this in his article. However, I’ve noticed that Nextaris is now much faster when saving/caching web content to one of their servers. Excellent!

Now, Nextraris Mobile. Wow!

I’ve mentioned numerous time that the mobile web will continue to grow in importance not only for the casual web user but also for the web researcher and services like Nextaris Mobile will help make it happen. All Nextaris services are now available on the mobile web. It’s easy to use, fast, and saved material renders nicely in a mobile browser. It’s also a good business move by the company. In a word, awesome!!! I’m going to stop writing and return to using Nextaris Mobile. I’ll write more soon.

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