Filangy: Another Search History Tool; Search the Full Text of Your Cached Pages

I thought I would toss out another web-based search history resource called Filangy. Unfortunately, it’s a limited beta and you’ll need (at least for now) to sign-up to get a login. Here’s a link to send them an email. Let’s hope they open their beta to more users soon. I’ve only been using the service for a short time but so far I like what I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to comparing it to what Google has just released.

Filangy is a free service.

It provides web-based:
+ Automatic (easy to turn on/off) full text caching of every web page viewed in your browser
+ Web search, results from your cache are integrated onto results pages
+ Import your bookmarks, what Filangy calls “WebMarks”
+ Access and search your search history
+ Search the full text of all of your saved material
+ Clustering of results
+ Page preview feature that embeds live pages into the results list ( also offers this feature).
+ Export your “Webmarks” (only) and syndicate via RSS. You can also mark any/all Webmarks “private” and they will not be included in your RSS feed.

Privacy is also taken seriously, read about what they offer here. Btw, https pages are not cached.

With Google’s move today, you’ve got to wonder if Filangy will jump onto the radar screens of other search companies as a possible acquisition.

In addition to developing their service, Filangy faces the same challenge many other web search resources face today, getting the word out and then getting those who know about the service to try it. How do you do this? I’m not a marketing expert but one thing that could help is user education. A very little of it goes a long way. Users might be more likely to use new services if they can understand and experience how a new service might give them more value. Current and well established services can also use education to teach users how to take full advantage of what their technology has to offer. Udi Manber from A9 said a few weeks ago that search engines are not mind readers. I agree and again education could help.

I’ll keep using Filangy and will report back soon.

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