Google Trademarks: TrustRank & The Neighborhood Wide Web

When reviewing the Google AdWords site today, I noticed the trademarked phrase, "It’s All About Results." New? As it turns
out, they’ve been using that phrase last year. But my search of US Patent and Trademark Office database turned up two other phrases I haven’t seen Google use publicly before: "TrustRank"
and "Advertise On The Neighborhood Wide Web."

"TrustRank" was filed with the USPTO about a month ago. Interestingly, members of the Stanford Database Group have written a paper about the use of "TrustRank" to combat
web spam that we blogged about in early March. Makes you wonder if the implementation of TrustRank™ will be
something coming soon from the GooglePlex. Stay tuned.

"Advertise On The Neighborhood Wide Web" was filed for less than a year ago. Perhaps it will be used to try to convince local businesses to advertise with Google. Needless
to say, many local business people care little about reaching the "world" and more about finding potential customers in their neighborhood or village.

Well, if it’s village they want, it’s village Google’s got. Google registered the domain name, less
than a year ago.

By the way, that other trademark, "It’s All About The Results" that I mentioned? SEM firm iProspect also uses "It’s All About Results" on their site.

In all, my search found Google has registered and found more than 25 words and phrases. Among some of the others are:

  • Picture Simplicity
  • I’m Feeling Lucky
  • AdSense

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