Google Says DNS Issues Caused Outage

It looks like someone or some group is not happy with a well-known search engine located in Mountain View, California. Earlier this afternoon, Google Blogoscoped reported that Google was down. Nice catch (as always ) to P.L.

Om M. has more in his post. In fact, Om was also able to grab a screen shot of a site called SoGoSearch that appeared when he checked a couple of hours ago. Interesting. Right now (7:35pm EDST) it looks like and Gmail are back working for me. However, I’m still unable to reach Google News and Froogle via the address (this url for Froogle does work).

Update: At 8:00pm EDST, and Google News are back working for me.

Update: At about 8:30pm EDST, Google’s David Krane sent SEW and others the following official statement:

“Google’s global properties were unavailable for a short period of time earlier today. We’ve remedied the problem and access to Google has been restored worldwide.”

Krane goes on to tell SEW Blog, “it was most definitely not a hack.”

Via Om Malik, Krane adds:

?Yes, it was a DNS [Domain Name System] issue. We?re seeing things as fully restored as of more than 30 min. ago. You?re the first to send such a screen shot and report this kind of issue. I?ll bounce it to the tech staff and will keep you posted.?

It will be interesting to see if Google uses their official blog to shed more light on exactly what happened.

I guess Google is fortunate that this didn’t take place during a weekday when their servers are much busier as compared to a weekend afternoon. During a brief weekday outage last summer, people didn’t know just what to do. Of course, if Barry’s relevancy test is accurate, those users could also get relevant results from other engines. From a Forbes article in 2003: “Even Google’s engineers admit Fast and Teoma deliver results comparable to theirs.”

A Few Other Recent Google Outages that Have Received Attention
+ In January 2005, Google experienced a brief outage in Australia.

+ A worm took Google and other engines offline last July.

+ Problems at Akamai on June 15, 2004 caused issues for Google users.

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