Highlights from the SEW Blog: Jun 16, 2005

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Yahoo Search Subscriptions Brings Premium Content Into Web Search

Yahoo has released a new Yahoo Search Subscriptions (beta) service that unites regular web search results found from crawling the open web with listings from free and fee-based database services and publishers such as Factiva, LexisNexis, and Consumer Reports.

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C’mon In Brand Owners, The Search Water’s Fine

It’s not all about conversions, in the search marketing game. I was at a conference two months ago where a brand marketer said he didn’t care about conversion. He wanted brand impact and was willing to pay for it, to the horror and fear of the mostly conversion-driven audience.

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Mid-June 2005 Search News Recap Posted

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MSN Censorship & Revisiting The Need For Better Disclosure

Chinese target Web’s ‘prohibited language’ from the Associated Press looks at how those in China wishing to blog on MSN’s new MSN Spaces service will find certain words such as “democracy,” “freedom” and “human rights” are deemed taboo, with the cooperation of Microsoft. It raises anew the issue censorship by search and portal companies and that if they’re forced to do it, couldn’t they better disclose this?

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Too Early to Google
Washington Post Jun 16 2005 11:50AM GMT
Search Behavior Reveals Consumer Fears of a Real Estate Bubble
dmnews.com Jun 16 2005 11:47AM GMT
How Image Links Can Help Build a Better User and Search Experience
Search Engine Guide Jun 16 2005 3:40AM GMT
Yahoo and blo.gs
Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog Jun 16 2005 3:01AM GMT
Who Will Google Buy Next?
Searchblog Jun 16 2005 2:59AM GMT
Using Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 6
O’Reilly Jun 16 2005 2:56AM GMT
GoogSpy helps you know the competition
Pandia Jun 16 2005 2:55AM GMT
WashingtonPost.com Switches from Google to Yahoo
Search Engine Watch Jun 16 2005 2:54AM GMT
Wi-Fi Aids Location Determination for Local Search and Asset Tracking
Directions Magazine Jun 16 2005 2:53AM GMT
TECH TALK ON THE WEB: Google Raises Conservatives’ Ire
Dow Jones via iWon Jun 16 2005 12:08AM GMT
Invisible link spam out to fool Google
ZDNet Jun 15 2005 9:35PM GMT
RSS Can Feed Your SEO Efforts
Search Engine Guide Jun 15 2005 8:36PM GMT
Paula, Pedro, and the Right Brain of Search
Media Post Jun 15 2005 12:09PM GMT
Google Sitemap Tools
Google Blogoscoped Jun 15 2005 12:08PM GMT
Search Leader Google Finds No Big L.A. Story
Investors.com Jun 15 2005 11:58AM GMT

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