AltaVista Founder Louis Monier Moving To Google?

When AltaVista came onto the search scene, it had all the impact for people in the way Google is thought of today. It drew raves for relevancy, comprehensiveness and came
up with plenty of innovations. But it never had the proper respect from owner Digital, then Compaq and suffered further when forced into becoming a portal. Louis Monier was a
founder of the service and a driving force who left in 1999: Father Of AltaVista Resigns. He wound up
over at eBay as their chief technical officer. Now via SiliconBeat,
rumors reported by Om Malik that he’s heading to Google to work on the Froogle shopping search engine:
After Yahoo, Google takes on eBay. See also
Search Memories which covers a panel at our SES San Jose show last year where Louis reflected on the
early days of search and AltaVista.

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