Gary’s Wish List & More Q&A On Google Video

I spent a little time playing with the new version of Google Video that came out yesterday, then fired off some questions on how to
make the video larger, whether some countries can’t view video content, when SafeSearch would be coming and some other tidbits. Answers from Peter Chane, senior product
manager for Google Video, are below. Also see the other Q&A that Danny did with Peter yesterday, plus
there’s Chris’s article about the service in general. I’ve also listed some suggestion on how I’d like
to see the service improve and other quick observations below.

There is no method to find just user contributed content. This would be useful, especially if you’re after live video. Will it come?

We don’t offer this feature yet. We have plans to add it soon although I don’t have a timetable just yet.

Is there a way to see the content in another media player other than Google’s? Or to at least make the video playback box larger? And will there be a way in the future
to save files for viewing on portable devices or when offline?

Over time, we’d like to help content producers reach as many users as possible. If users use a portable video device to view content, we’ll
do our best to deliver content to devices like that [in the future].

If you double click on the video window it goes to full screen. Although the experience is inconsistent today, since the video quality isn’t
uniform, so we’re not promoting the double click behavior.

NOTE: To see the video in full screen, you need to double click when the video is already playing. Double clicking on a still frame only starts the video playing in
regular size.

When searching within titles on Google Web Search, the intitle: command is used. But with Google Video, it’s the
command that’s promoted. Why the inconsistency?

First I’ve heard about this! I’ll look into it.

SafeSearch doesn’t yet work with Google Video. Will it be coming?

Yes, although we don’t have a timeframe for this just yet.

How do I see the video at the contributing web site itself? Not all the video pages have "About this show" information that explain this, such as this


When a user uploads video to us, we ask them for a URL that’s related to the video. We use that URL as the link in the upper left [corner, under the "About this show"
heading. If they don’t include a URL, it doesn’t appear like in your example. We hope that more uploaders add URLs since users may want to refer to a website for more

Google Blogoscoped posted an item about some Google Video not being accessible from Germany. Are
there locations where video cannot be viewed online?

Google Video is targeted to U.S. users for the time being, though people in most of the world can see it by visiting the website. For India, France, Germany, South Korea,
and China, we are reviewing some legal issues before letting users in those countries play back videos.


In addition to the Q&A above, I also had some addition comments and suggestions for the service:

  • As mentioned, not all video uploaders are providing About information. I think that should be required, before Google will allow video to go live on the site. For example,
    we know that the International Olympics Committee keeps a very close watch on its content. But do they know that this

    badminton video clip
    is being offered? Source information would reassure me that someone perhaps had the right to post it (and if you suspect a copyright violation, you
    can report it, as explained more here). In addtion, better meta data from the outset will also make for a
    better database and better results as Google Video grows larger in size.
  • Right now, just finding "viewable" content is a challenge. We know that more user submitted video content is coming, but I wonder how much is in the database as of today?
    I ran the following searches and found no viewable video in the first 20-30 results.

    • basketball
    • iraq
    • New York City
    • horse
    • iPod
    • britney spears
  • When About/Source information is known, such as with this

    , that info should also be displayed in the results snippet along with the upload date.
  • We always talk about using advanced search tools and syntax for more precise results when conducting many types of searches. Here’s a great example. Compare a Google Video
    search for Eric Schmidt with one for "Eric
    The search without quotation marks (use "" to search run a phrase search) produces a results list with the first three results containing not even a mention of
    the the name Eric Schmidt. However, the search for "Eric Schmidt" offers a better, more precise set of results.

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