VideoRSS + Video Search = BlinkxTV SmartFeed

RSS + Video Search = BlinkxTV SmartFeed

Word of new service from BlinkxTV that was just released named SmartFeed.

Beginning today, you can create an RSS feed (aka SmartFeed) for any BlinkxTV keyword search.

So, as soon as a word or phrase is mentioned in a radio broadcast or television program from one or more of the 30-plus partners that Blinkx offers access to, you’ll be notified via RSS. Then, you can click from the feed and listen or view those exact words being spoken. In most cases, Blinkx uses voice recognition technology to create searchable transcripts.

It was just a few weeks ago when we posted that Blinkx was allowing you to keyword search transcripts of podcasts and video blogs. SmartFeeds are also available for this type of material. Now, as soon as your name (or anything else) is mentioned in a podcast, you’ll know. Yet another tool for your ego surfing pleasure. (-:

You’ll find the SmartFeed/RSS link in a column located on the left side of BlinkxTV results pages.

As far as I know, this is the first time we’ve seen RSS feeds generated from keyword searches of multimedia content.

FeedRoom, a service that offers streaming clips from local television stations also provides feeds. However, since Feedroom doesn’t offer transcript search, you’re unable to create a customized RSS feed based on a keyword search. Yahoo Video provides transcript search for content produced by Bloomberg Television. However, RSS feeds from Yahoo Video are not currently available.


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