IndustrySearch Engine Forums Spotlight – Jul 21, 2005

Search Engine Forums Spotlight - Jul 21, 2005

Links to the week's topics from search engine forums across the web: July 2005 Yahoo Update - Redirecting Thousands of Dynamic URLs - Hiring An SEO - Do Search Engines like my-widget or my_widget.html best? - Myths - Never mind the top ten tips, and more.

Cre8asite Forums

“Ignore the word ‘AJAX’ for a minute. …it relies on Javascript, it IS Javascript. Any caveats that apply to using Javascript on a page pretty much apply to using AJAX. That means SEO [search engine optimization” problems as well as accessibility problems. You can do some cool stuff with it, but you can also screw a lot of stuff up as well.”

Google Going For The Kill… Bye Bye Yahoo, MSN AOL ISPs
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google has offered all these wonderful web services that require separate log ins, G-mail, AdWords, AdSense, Sitemaps, Groups, Answers … By investing in Current Google can in the future using its grid based environment offer free internet access to anyone near a power line in the United States and build a Super Community that the others could not touch. Is this the killer Google move that leaves the others behind??”

Quality-Based Minimum Bids For AdWords
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I don’t believe this is a radical change. For my day-to-day approach to helping clients get more out of their campaigns, I think it will make the job easier because we won’t wonder just how many times should we try to reawaken frequently-disabled keywords. Relevancy remains a primary criterion for ranking well in the ad list, but now, you can avoid some of the hassles of campaign management by using a little cash.”

July 2005 Yahoo Update & Algo Change
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Though it’s obviously more than just one thing, based on purely a narrow, limited quick observation, I’ve got a suspicion that the value of inbound links may carry a bit more weight relative to on-page factors than what it’s been in the past.”

Redirecting Thousands of Dynamic URLs
High Rankings Forums

“Other than individually adding several thousand 301 redirects to my .htaccess file, can anyone suggest a better way forward?”

Hiring An SEO
High Rankings Forum

“My fear is that if i tell an SEO company about my new projects they may try to go into the market with their own sites and compete with me. Does this sort of stuff happen or do most seo’s just stay in their field. What are your points of views on a situation like this? As a note, these sites will be for affiliate programs.”

Deciding What to Put “Below the Fold”
Cre8asite Forums

“In this day of varying screen and monitor sizes, from smart phones to large laser plasma displays, and everywhere in between, it’s hard to tell what is ‘above the fold’ and what is ‘below the fold.’ The metaphor comes from Newspaper publishing, where the ‘fold’ is easy to identify. With more people used to the idea that the information on their screen will scroll, is it as important to have everything ‘above the fold?'”

Do Search Engines like my-widget or my_widget.html best?

Cre8asite Forums – “I’ve seen some suggestions from people that an underscore is captured by search engines, unlike most other punctuation marks, and causes the words it separates to be melded together into one extra large term that doesn’t rank well for the individual phrases. Supposedly, a hyphen doesn’t have that effect.”

Myths – Never mind the top ten tips…
High Rankings Forum

“I thought I’d invite people to display some of their favourite misconceptions, falsehoods and myths about SEO…”

iWon Search
Cre8asite Forums

“I know that there are some folks out there who use iWon as a search engine, but I will say that the interface over there doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Maybe it appeals more to the Bingo crowd?”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Yahoo Firefox toolbar reaches Mac and Linux
ZDNet UK Jul 22 2005 12:40PM GMT
European Travel Search: SkyScanner to introduce new language versions Jul 22 2005 12:39PM GMT
Google site ‘used by drug gang’
BBC Jul 22 2005 12:36PM GMT
Nielsen//NetRatings: Searches Increase In Q2
Media Post Jul 22 2005 12:29PM GMT
AdWords Changes to Affect Google Advertisers
ClickZ Today Jul 22 2005 12:24PM GMT
Google moves to stop Microsoft hire suit
ZDNet Jul 22 2005 12:09PM GMT
Google results beat forecast
San Francisco Chronicle Jul 22 2005 11:13AM GMT
Planners, Buyers Mull Cost Of Google’s Cost-Per-Thousand Play
Media Post Jul 21 2005 6:48PM GMT
Google Earth, Google Moon, and Beyond?
Search Engine Watch Jul 21 2005 6:32PM GMT
Pay-per-click speculation market soaring
Computer Business Review Jul 21 2005 5:28PM GMT
Yahoo Caught Cloaking
Search Engine Round Table Jul 21 2005 5:22PM GMT
Getting Started With SEO
Search Engine Guide Jul 21 2005 5:18PM GMT
Venerable encylopedia seeks just the facts
Boston Globe Jul 21 2005 5:10PM GMT
On(line) good authority Jul 21 2005 12:32PM GMT
Top five engines attract nearly all search traffic
Computer Weekly Jul 21 2005 11:35AM GMT


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