Google’s Dr. Lee Can Recruit In China But Can’t Work on Search or Speech Technologies

A ruling from a King County, Washington judge was handed down today that says Google employee (formerly of Microsoft) Dr. Kai-Fu Lee can immediately begin recruiting for Google’s new research center in China but can not work on speech, search and other technologies. The ruling comes after Microsoft asked for the court to stop Dr. Lee from doing any work for Google until after the January trial saying that it would violate a noncompete agreement he has with Microsoft.

From a article:

In his 13-page ruling, Judge Steven Gonzalez restricted Lee to recruiting for Google in China and to talking to government officials about getting a license to do business there, but said Lee cannot work on technologies including search or speech. Lee also cannot set budgets or salaries or decide what research Google will do in China, according to the order.

If you would like to read the ruling, a copy of it (13 pages; PDF) is available here.

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Postscript: Danny emailed me that the Google blog is touting the win while Microsoft has just posted this statement.

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