AOL Adding Podcast Search Tools

AOL is adding new features to help those seeking podcasts. Up today on its
AOL Music site is a new Podcasting 101
section, which features
a handful of featured podcasts. More expansive is a new partnership that puts
the iPodder podcast
into the AOL-owned Winamp player as the new “Shoutcast Wire
Podcast Directory.” But most significant, I’d say, is that the
Podscope podcast search engine from
TVEyes will be offered on the AOL site in the fall. Podscope turns spoken words
in podcasts into text that can be searched. Gary’s written of the service before
here. Blinkx offers a similar service. Expect
a closer look from either Gary or I on some of this in the near future. In the
meantime, the AOL and TVEyes press releases are below:

AOL Release

New York, NY ? September 14, 2005 ? Bringing
the podcasting craze to a whole new level, America Online today announced new
features designed to deliver the best of the web’s podcasts to more than 100
million visitors at the® portal (  Currently
available at , listeners can easily discover,
experience and download some of the web’s most popular podcasts, including
programs from KCRW, “This Week in Tech,” AOL’s “Sports Bloggers Live,” “Reel
Reviews,” the BBC, CNN and more through the comprehensive Podcasting 101
feature, or enjoy a 24/7 stream of standout programming on AOL® Radio’s new
Podcasting station.  Fans are also able to search for thousands of additional
podcasts with the new version of AOL’s Winamp® 5.1 media player.  Enhanced
podcast search ability is coming this fall to AOL® Search (

Podcasting 101 and the AOL Radio Podcasting

With step-by-step instructions on getting started, Podcasting 101’s guide to
podcasting lets visitors pick from the most popular podcasts available ? from
big names to small ? for one time download or subscription. To sample some of
the hottest podcasts, visitors can tune in to AOL Radio’s new Podcast station,
featuring a non-stop stream of these popular programs.

Currently, AOL’s podcasting offerings include AOL-hosted “best of the web”
talk format programs such as:

* KCRW’s “Morning
Becomes Eclectic,” “Music Exchange,” “Le Show,” “Left, Right & Center,” and

* The hugely
popular “This Week in Tech” and “Security Now!;”

* AOL’s own
“Sports Bloggers Live;” and

* Michael
Geoghegan’s “Reel Reviews,” the first movie-related podcast on the net.

Fans can also access popular content from CNN,
Science at NASA, Adam Curry’s “The Podfinder,” BBC’s “Today” and “From Our Own
Correspondent,” Battlestar Galactica, Engadget, Grape Radio, and

Over the coming months, AOL will introduce more original programming podcasts
from AOL® Music, Moviefone, AOL® Coaches and the KOL® (kids) and RED® (teens)

Podcast Search

In addition to the comprehensive programming available through the Podcasting
101 and the Podcasting station, users of AOL’s popular Winamp 5.1 media player
can access the new SHOUTcast Wire podcast directory, powered by iPodder. The
directory gives users the ability to discover, download and subscribe to
podcasts from hundreds of podcasters around the world.

In a separate announcement today, TVEyes
announced that its Podscope search engine will be integrated within AOL Search
( . In the coming months, AOL will offer fans the
ability to discover thousands of additional podcasts. This innovative search
capability will enable fans to generate audio search results using Spoken Word
Indexing, meaning they will be able to sample from tens of thousands of
search-specific audio clips.

Winamp v5.1 Surround Edition is available now for download from Launched in January 1998, Winamp is a world leading
advanced media player application with more than 48 million monthly worldwide
users*. Winamp supports high fidelity playback of CD, MP3, aacPlus, MPEG, WMA,
WMV, NSV and other popular digital audio and video formats, skins and
plug-ins. Winamp ( and SHOUTcast ( were acquired by America Online, Inc. in May 1999
and are part of AOL Music’s leading offerings (

AOL® Music is a leading online destination for
music, reaching more than 18.7 million music fans a month* through a rich
array of programming, products and services that make it easy to discover,
experience, listen to and buy music online.  AOL Music’s offerings include
original programs such as AOL Music Sessions, AOL Music LIVE! and AOL Music
Breakers, and special features such as First Listen and First View. They are
available through, the AOL Music Channel, the AOL® Radio Network,
Netscape® Music, CompuServe® Music, AIM® Music, ICQ® Music, Winamp® and
SHOUTcast® services.  Integrated commerce options make it easy for consumers
to purchase the music they hear on AOL Music through [email protected], iTunes on
AOL, AOL’s CD/DVD shop and AOL’s Entertainment for Mobile store.


TVEyes Release

Fairfield, Conn., Sept. 14, 2005 – AOL will be
the first major Web portal or search engine to provide its users with
Podscope’s podcast search capability, according to a new agreement between AOL
and TVEyes, Inc. The new capability will be based on an integration of the
TVEyes Podscope search engine with AOL® Search (
Podscope, which creates a Spoken Word Index? for every word in audio and video
files, makes the files searchable in the same manner as text pages on the Web.

Available this fall, AOL’s
podcast search function will offer immediate access to every known podcaster’s
most current files and thousands of archived files, a vast library being added
to each day, as well as AOL’s podcast offerings and programming. The new
search functions will be accessible through the® portal (
and AOL Search ( In addition to plans for enhanced
podcast search, has introduced an array of new features and
programming (, including a Podcasting 101 guide,
designed to make it easy for listeners to discover, experience and download
some of the web’s most popular podcasts.

“AOL visitors will be able to
search for content within podcast files just like they do for text within Web
pages,” said David J. Ives, president and chief executive officer of TVEyes,
Inc., whose technology and company are behind Podscope. “Because of AOL’s
commitment to podcasting, consumer-created and broadcast media distributed as
podcasts will gain truly global distribution.”

“We’re excited to work with
Podscope to offer the unique capability to search within podcasts through our Web portal and AOL Search,” said Alex Blum, Vice President, Audience
Product Management, for America Online. “This innovative search capability
will enable podcast enthusiasts to sample relevant audio snippets using Spoken
Word Indexing prior to subscribing to the podcast.”

“As TV and radio migrate to
the on-demand dynamic of podcasts on the Internet, new search tools are needed
to make what will ultimately be billions of spoken words in millions of files
accessible in a meaningful way,” said Allen Weiner, research vice president at
Gartner. “Indexing the spoken word has a profound impact on a consumer’s
ability to find what they want and get the most out of audio and video

About Podscope

Podscope (,
is the first and only search engine that creates a Spoken Word Index? for the
entire content of podcasts – enabling the user to find the exact content that
interests them, a technology which is also applicable to video blogs and
personal videos. Podcasts are essentially downloadable radio programs that can
be played on a digital media music player or PC. Podscope crawls the web
looking for podcasts and creates an index against every word, thereby making
the contents searchable. The user can search on a term, generate a list of
results ranked by a variety of methods to find the most relevant podcast and
click to play or click to download.  Podscope is a service of TVEyes Inc.,
headquartered in Fairfield, CT, which has been indexing television and radio
broadcasts since 1999. It is the first company to deliver real-time TV and
radio search across multiple languages on an international platform. More
information on TVEyes can be found at or

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