The Source of South-Sourcing

Outsourcing. It’s not just for programmers and developers anymore.

Zach’s covered the trend among major agencies to oursource rich media work. I had a chance to visit an outsourcing source during my recent visit to Buenos Aires. I wasn’t alone – OgilvyInteractive’s Executive Director, Eric Wheeler, was down there, too. Sure, we were both speaking at the same conference. But I noticed Eric was also spending quality time with Mookie Tennebaum, head of BA-based United Virtualities. And Eric did tell me Ogilvy’s more than open to outsourcing.

I spent an afternoon Gaston Silberman, United Virtualities creative director. He’s been making the agency rounds recently in NY and SF. UV is handling all kinds of agency work down there, from banner resizing to creative production, Flash, and video conversion.

Seems sensible. Culturally, Argentina is firmly rooted in the same vernacular we are. Are there differences? Sure. But nowhere near Bangalore-size differences, and with communications, that’s what matters. Heck, there’s barely even a time difference to speak of. BA’s only an hour ahead of New York.

I remember how we used to scrouge for Flash jockeys back in my agency days. They were in short supply — and they could thus name their price. This kind of puts a new spin on things, doesn’t it?

p.s. Ladies, slacks are strongly advised if you visit UV’s all-glass headquarters. We’re talking glass floors here — and the place is multi-level. It’s a lot of fun to look down between your feet and see what’s on someone’s lunch plate down below. But as easily as you can look down, they can look up.

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