Google AdWords Logins Shifting To Google Accounts

Google’s been doing some consolidation of having people sign-in for various
services through a common Google Accounts login. Dave Naylor
this happening for Orkut users last week, and now Andrew Goodman finds it
happening to Google AdWords advertisers.

Andrew doesn’t like it, as he discusses in our forum thread,

Google AdWords Advertisers must have Google Accounts to log in?
Neither does
Nick and gang over at
Threadwatch. Nathan at InsideGoogle
feels its a good thing.

As for me, I said in our forum thread I find it mostly positive. I don’t want to
have to remember a billion different passwords at Google. But to Andrew’s main
complaint, that he doesn’t want his business activities (AdWords, AdSense) also
mixed with an account of personal stuff (Web Search, Personalized Home Page),
that I agree.

I suspect you might be able to have two different accounts, as long has you have
two different email addresses. Overall, I like options. I like the option to
have a combined account or the option to have two separate accounts, personal
and work.

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