IndustryA Baby Named Google

A Baby Named Google

It’s late here so let me simply point out that on the Google Blog, we learn that Walid Elias Kai, a Ph.D. in search engine marketing (I didn’t know you could have a doctorate in SEM) is also a Google fan. So much of a fan that the middle name of his newborn son is, guess what, Google. That’s right, Oliver Google Kai was born on September 17th and has his own page.

Well, I’ve heard and seen kids named ESPN, so Google sounds at least a bit more reasonable. Good luck to baby Google and his parents. Hopefully, baby Google will become Google the “scholar.” Btw, posting this on the Google Blog is also a brilliant marketing/branding move (no one does it better and I’m sure/hope? their PR team has confirmed the entire story).

Watch the attention this story gets and how it continues to reinforce the name Google in every function of life (now, even people). I think this will make the press attention Google received when they posted about their search for a chef seem minimal. Now, the question is will we see a trend? Will a fan of online shopping name their baby Froogle? How about this name: first initial G, middle name, mail. Or the kid who has it all, let’s call him Soople. Do the names AdWords or AdSense sound bad for a child? Or a combo, first name Adam, middle name Sense. Picasa might also work. Enough! Wait, it’s not just peope but animals. Spot is to common or a cliche for a dog but what about Blogspot, that works!

If naming baby’s after search tools and portals sound vaguely familiar, you’re not hallucinating. In January, we blogged about a baby in Romania being named Yahoo. It turns out that the story was made up.


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