Upcoming Google Print Debates

Can’t wait for the court fights over Google Print’s library scanning program?
Relax, because debates are underway to tide you over!

John Battelle
to a Wired/New York Public Library
happening next week in New York City, involving Google, the Association of
American Publishers that’s suing Google, the Authors Guild, the New York Public
Library and Lawrence Lessig. Only $15 and tickets are on sale now!

Not in New York? Then come on out to Chicago for SES Chicago 2005, where we
have our own
Print debate happening

It’s on Dec. 6 from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. Google’s confirmed, and our diligent
legal moderator Jeffrey Rohrs is lining up an anti-Google publishing group (the
AAP can’t make it due to a scheduling conflict, but they gave us plenty of other
recommendations), plus a publisher that is pro and another that is con the
scanning project.

OK, SES Chicago costs much more than the NY debate. But you get a lot of
other sessions in addition to the debate, plus an absolutely fabulous box lunch
and even free donuts if you catch me in the hotel lobby around 1am. Mmm, donuts
it’s a jelly.
More about SES Chicago can be found

Just don’t like to get out? OK, I wrote
earlier about
an online debate that was going on. Go check out the

, all for free.

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