IndustryLearning About and Understanding Web Spam

Learning About and Understanding Web Spam

Here’s some great reading, viewing and material for your reference shelf. With web spam continuing to be a very hot topic, I wanted to point out two papers and the slide presentations that accompany each of them. Both do a great job of describing web spam issues and making them understandable. Both papers were given during the 14th International World Wide Web Conference and AIRWeb05 that took place in May.

Title: Web Spam Taxonomy (9 pages; PDF)
Authors: Zoltán Gyöngyi, Hector Garcia-Molina.

Abstract: Web spamming refers to actions intended to mislead search engines into ranking some pages higher than
they deserve. Recently, the amount of web spam has increased dramatically, leading to a degradation of search results. This paper presents a comprehensive taxonomy of current spamming techniques, which we believe can help in developing appropriate countermeasures.

Slide Presentation Here
23 slides; PDF.

Title: Web Spam, Propaganda and Trust (9 pages; PDF)
Authors: Panagiotis Takis Metaxas, Joe DeStefano

Abstract: Web spamming, the practice of introducing artificial text and links into web pages to affect the results of searches, has been recognized as a major problem for search engines. It is also a serious problem for users because they are not aware of it and they tend to confuse trusting the search engine with trusting the results of a search.

Slide Presentation Here
27 slides; PDF.


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