Updates and Improvements Made to U.S. Government’s Science.gov Search Site; IRS Web Site Redesigns for Better Site Search

Government Computing News has two stories today about two U.S. Governmet organizations making improvements to their search offerings.

First, Science.gov goes 3.0, reports that the metaserch tool that features science info from a variety of government organizations and sites (across 30 databases and 1,800 Web sites) is online with improved search technology and new features.

From the article:

Version 3 of Science.gov, which went operational last week, incorporates bibliographic information into its searches. The feature, dubbed ?MetaRank,? ranks the relevance of data to the search term by using title, author, date, abstract and other keyword identifiers. It places those data sources that appear to be closest to what the user wants highest in the list of results. Version 3 also enjoys a number of other new features. Boolean searching has been modified so that the rules more closely resemble those used by commercial search engines. Users can now search in specific fields, such as dates or author. Another new feature displays immediate views of data before the results of the search are fully returned.

Science.gov is powered with technology from DeepWeb Technologies.

Second, IRS improves Web site search function for users, looks at a redesigned version of the IRS web site that’s now online.

New on the IRS.gov site is a row of navigation buttons for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, charities and tax professionals. Visitors to the site can search by keyword or search term. The ?Search? button aims to be more intuitive than the current ?Go? button.

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