Podscope Now Offering Keyword RSS Feeds

Today, Podscope is announcing that users can set up keyword-based RSS feeds and receive alerts when certain words are uttered in a podcast or another type of audio or video program.

Setting up your feeds couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your search terms, click search, and then look for the RSS/Podcast link at the top of the page. Copy that url into your favorite aggregator and away you go. Now, all of you ego surfers will know when your name is mentioned in a podcast. (-:

Podscope, from TVEyes, was the first (if memory serves me correct) to allow searchers to keyword search podcasts and then go directly to where the words were spoken in the program (transcript search). The Podscope beta launched in April of 2005. Perfect transcripts, no. But the tech is getting better all of the time. In May, Podscope expanded by indexing all forms of audio or video content found on the web. Podscope has also announced a deal to provide podcast transcript search to AOL.

Podscope is not the first podcast search tool to offer keyword feeds. Blinkx began offering feeds, they call them SmartFeeds, for podcasts and all of their other audio and video content in July.

For more about podcast search including info about a new player, Podzinger, take a look at this Wired article and SEW post from last week.

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