(or is it Bookmarks Come to the Google Sidebar; Also Now Sidebar Accessible

So, your a or is it now “” bookmarks user and you also use the Google Desktop Sidebar. Well, thanks to a new plug-in by Manas Tungare for the Google Desktop Sidebar, you can have your bookmarks on your sidebar. It’s a beta, freeware. Download and learn more about it here. According to the website, “Bookmarks that you use often are automatically displayed higher in the list. (You can, of course, reset the usage data via the options dialog.) If you want certain favorites to stay at the top of list, you can ‘pin’ them there.”

Since we’re on the topic of new sidebar plugins which seem to be coming fast and furious, a new (the metasearch job search database) is now accessible via the Google Sidebar. Details here.

See Also: December Begins With Plug-In-Palooza for Google Desktop and Sidebar.

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