Highlights from the SEW Blog: Dec 22, 2005

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Google Worries Traditional Marketers & Google Print Ads To Enter New Phase

A twofer of stories out of MediaPost looking at how Google will be trying new things with its Google Publication Ads program, a program which is one of the latest things to get traditional marketers worried that Google may be making moves on their turf.

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Yahoo’s Mayer and Zawodny Ready to Debut New Webcast/Podcast on Webmaster Radio

Daron Babin, the man in charge of Webmaster Radio (the people who help us bring you our Daily Searchcast), has let us know that two very well-known members of the Yahoo Search team, Tim Mayer and Jeremy Zawodny will host a new webcast/podcast that will debut on Wednesday (December 21st) night at 8pm EST.

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New Resource Pages About Google’s Content Network Now Available, Includes Optimization Tool

A note on the Inside AdWords blog points to this new page with a bunch of information about the Google Content Network.

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Ask Jeeves Adds Translations, Pronunciations & Synonym Lookups

Word from Oakland today that Ask Jeeves has just added page translation, easier synonym lookups and definitions with pronunciations. Details and examples have just been posted on the AJ Blog.

What’s New?

Page translations: Note the 2nd and 3rd listings on the results page tbat have new “translate the page” links next to the title. Translation is powered by Reverso Translation software. Like with all mechanical translations, caveat emptor.

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Answers.com Testing New “Find As You Type” Feature

We see to be talking about UI tests at Google all of the time but how about a test from Answers.com? From what I’ve heard, most people should now be seeing a “preferences” link that’s been added to their home page. So what, what’s the big deal. Actually, it’s not only this new link but more importantly the introduction of a new feature that I’m happy to see. It has the potential to save the typical user some time and effort with little to no learning curve. In case you can’t see it yet, here’s what I’m noticing:

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Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform — And Yahoo & Microsoft Should Also Take Note

MS Research: Typo-Squatters Are Gaming Google from eWeek covers Microsoft researchers discovering Google’s long-standing DomainPark program (AKA AdSense For Domains), where if you have a popular domain name with lots of traffic but no content, Google will kindly hand you some AdSense ads to turn it into an earner. While it is long-standing, I’d say it’s also generally little known and definitely upsetting to people who come across it for various reasons.

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Governments Ask Google to Turn a Blind Eye

Some of those incredibly detailed aerial images available using Google Earch are making some governments nervous. In Governments Tremble at Google’s Bird’s-Eye View, the New York Times writes about several governments who have expressed alarm.

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Yahoo Launches Open Shortcuts, Allows Creation Of Custom Search Commands

The new Yahoo Open Shortcuts service lets anyone create their own custom search commands for use on Yahoo. Want to navigate to a particular site quickly or have Yahoo remember a particular search string? The new service lets you do this.

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Mid-December 2005 Search News Recap Posted

If you’re a Search Engine Watch member (thank you!), the latest edition of Search Engine Update newsletter has been posted. It recaps top stories in search from the first part of this month.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Yahoo Analytics Marries Online And Off
eCRM Guide Dec 22 2005 4:31AM GMT
Reuters Adds Free Video to Web Sites, Blogs
Publish.com Dec 22 2005 3:59AM GMT
Music biz failing to stop illegal downloads
PC Magazine UK Dec 22 2005 12:47AM GMT
Microsoft looks beyond AOL
ZDNet Dec 21 2005 11:02PM GMT
SEO Overkill Can Destroy Your Site
Search Engine Guide Dec 21 2005 10:17PM GMT
Google Pays $1 Billion For A Stake In AOL
Internet Week Dec 21 2005 7:34PM GMT
Naughty or Nice SEO?
ClickZ Today Dec 21 2005 2:47PM GMT
Yahoo Offers Ad-Performance Tool
CRMDaily.com Dec 21 2005 10:02AM GMT
5 Practical Tactics eToys Uses to Sell More Toys Online
Marketing Sherpa Dec 21 2005 7:20AM GMT
AOL’s deal with Google to add splash to site’s ads
International Herald Tribune Dec 21 2005 2:32AM GMT
Getting Video Blogs by Real-World Location
ResearchBuzz Dec 21 2005 1:07AM GMT
Microsoft Odd Man Out in AOL-Google Deal
Washington Post reg Dec 21 2005 12:08AM GMT
Google takes AOL stake, expands advertising pact
Reuters Dec 20 2005 11:52PM GMT
Web Resources: Music Resources on the Web
ALA Dec 20 2005 11:41PM GMT
Lexar Jumps for Google
Design Technica Dec 20 2005 11:39PM GMT

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