Meta Search Tagged Content With Wink

Want to meta search across content that has been specifically tagged in
various ways? New search engine Wink is now
live allowing that. It pulls back material categorized over at Digg, Yahoo My
Web,, plus you can now tag things you find within Wink itself.

More is explained in the FAQ.
After tag-based results come regular web search results, powered by Google. If the tagged material
is lacking (or disappointing, as I’ve been finding them), web search serves as a

By default, tagged results are sorted by “rank,” though what exactly this is
not explained. You can also sort by date, which is probably the way to go if
you’re trying to meta search for the latest tagged content on a particular

Overall, I like the idea of meta tag searching because it can be a useful way
to find the latest stuff being bookmarked on popular topics across various
tagging communities. For Wink to be a success here, I’d like to see:

  • A full list of all the tagging communities it hits.
  • Results sorted by date by default.
  • Source community in results. Sometimes the URL gives you a clue where the
    item has come from, but not always. Take a tip from the long established meta
    search engines for the web and cite the originating search engines feeding
  • Probably the ability to custom select the communities you want to include.
  • Sigh. Perhaps some suggested semi-structured tags for people to use.

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