BlogPulse Releases List of Top Blogs, Blog Posts, and More of 2005

The last two weeks have been busy with the release of “Top Search” lists and rankings from all of the major search players. We’ve blogged them all. What about the blogosphere itself? Well, the BlogPulse team has release their year-end review.

It includs this list of the Top 25 Blogs of 2005*:
1 Boing Boing
2 Engadget
3 Michelle Malkin
4 Albino Blacksheep
6 Power Line
7 Gizmodo
8 Think Progress
9 Political Animal
10 Slashdot
11 Little Green Footballs
12 Eschaton
13 PostSecret
14 AMERICAblog
15 Captain’s Quarters
16 Talking Points Memo
17 Penny Arcade
18 Business Opportunities Weblog
19 Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
20 Gawker
21 BuzzMachine
22 The Huffington Post | The Blog
23 Informed Comment
24 The Volokh Conspiracy
25 Wonkette

You’ll also find rankings for:

2005 was also a busy year at BlogPulse. This SearchDay story takes a look at what this
blog buzz and search tool began offering at the end of July. In October, Blogpulse announced a deal with AOL.

* Well, we didn’t make the list. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. No worries here. We’ve tried our very best to make the SEW Blog a resource that you find informative, useful, thought provoking, and enjoyable each and every time you visit. Allow me to thank you for your constant supply of kind words during the past 12 months. We sincerely appreciate your neverending support.

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