YouTube For Finding, Sharing Video

Has YouTube Beaten Google
over at InsideGoogle turns me on to the “massively
popular” YouTube video sharing site. So
massively popular that I never heard about it before now, which I either means
(1) I’m out of it (2) it’s not that massively popular or (3) something of a
mash-up in between.

YouTube is apparently the Flickr for video,
Flickr being what many consider to be a massively popular photo sharing site
that Yahoo bought
in March. Popular unless you ask my mom, my sister, a variety of people who use
the web but never have heard of it. Heck, even my 14 year old niece into
MySpace doesn’t Flickr.

The point? I don’t know the conventional wisdom that Flickr is so hot is
necessarily the case with the bulk of web users. I suspect it is even less so
for YouTube. But that out of my system, You Tube is clearly a site for many to
check out and watch. As InsideGoogle points out, you can upload video and search
among all the user contributed content.

YouTube Takes Off
over at the Business 2.0 blog has some stats and comments
on growth, though Alexa stats pretty much leave me cold for proving anything. A
few news clips can be found via
YouTube itself. Keep up on happenings with the service via its blog

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