More on Google Local App for the Blackberry, Expect Google Talk for Blackberry by Spring

A Threadwatch post: Google – Evil Blackberries, points to a Reuters article that offers a bit more detail about the just released version Google Local client software on Blackberry devices that we first posted about last week.

The article points out that Google Talk will also become available (text only) for Blackberry devices by the Spring. The Google Local client is already online. The official announcement from Research in Motion is here.

Other services already provide mobile versions of their IM services. Most of what’s available depends on the phone/device and your wireless provider. I’ve used both Yahoo Instant Messenger via the Yahoo Mobile portal and a client app (one of many) called Toccer, to access AOL Instant Messenger on my Treo. A mobile version of MSN Messenger is also available.

Postscript: Both AOL and Yahoo announced deals with Blackberry (aka Research in Motion) to make IM clients for their services available in
in March 2005.

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