TV Transcripts and Still Images No Longer Part of Google Video

Both Danny and I, independently of one and another noticed that the searchable transcripts (and still images) from television shows (via tv stations in the Bay Area as well as satellite broadcasters) are no longer available via Google Video.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed the removal of this content but says that the service, “may reappear at a
later date.”

They added:

Users have told us that they really want to see playable video content, so for now we are phasing out the still-image television content from our search results. We continue to work with the owners of television content, and hope to make this an important part of Google Video in the future.

Television transcript search and still images were a part of Google Video since its first release on January 25, 2005.
Here’s the news release that announced the service.

I first noticed the removal of the material over the weekend when I wanted to find the transcript of Saturday Night Live where two more mentions of Google had just occurred.

The good news is that researchers can still access near real-time transcripts AND full motion video from a variety of services and for a variety of tv stations and networks. Services include:

+ BlinkxTV
Transcript search available for some of their content partners.

+ TVEyes (Fee-Based)

+ ShadowTV (Fee-Based)

+ Critical Mention (Fee-Based)

+ FedNet
FedNet offers real time access to content from the U.S. Congress.

+ Finally, Yahoo Video offers transcript search and full motion video from Bloomberg Business Television via a partnership with TVEyes.

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