Google Tops Search Loyalty Study, Though Many Searchers Aren’t That Loyal

A new search loyalty study by Compete
shows that Google leads its competitors by far in having the most loyal
searchers, those who stick with it exclusively and don’t use other services. But
even Google still has nearly one-third of its searchers willing to “cheat” on it
and use other search engines.

The study looked at what percentage of searchers at a particular search
engine only searched using that service exclusively and no others, for December
2005. The breakdown:

  • Google: 71.0%
  • Yahoo: 48.1%
  • MSN: 27.8%
  • Excite: 23.4%
  • AOL: 23.2%
  • Ask: 21.6%
  • AltaVista: 16.6%
  • Clusty: 10.3%
  • A9: 6.4%
  • Lycos: 5.8%

In the example above, Google is shown as having 71 percent of its searchers
only using Google and no other service. The remaining 29 percent are people who
have used Google and one or more of its competitors.

The study goes into more depth, breaking down search share by “Personalized
Homepage Users” and “Competitor Breakdown.” You can read the full study
(PDF file, free registration required).

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