SES New York 2006 Coverage Recap

Missed last week’s huge Search Engine Strategies show in New York? Here’s a
rundown on ways to read and listen to what happened.

Live Coverage

Barry Schwartz and team (see a photo of the gang
here) were busy
semi-live blogging many of the sessions. Here are pages with links to everything
they did:


For the first time, we had podcasts coming out of the show. The links below
will let you listen to session highlights, as well as the full keynote with
Barry Diller.

Tagged Content

I encouraged
everyone writing about the event to tag their stories so they could be found.
Some people actually did, though, I wish more had to make it easier to point you
at them. Here’s the rundown:

Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

I’ve been battling through something like 1,000 feed items and 400 emails that
built up after the show, but here are some additional things I spotted as I was
digging out:

  • SES NYC 2006
    : Jeremy Zawodny’s guide to various reports.
  • Will SEMs Become “Metrics
    : From ClickZ, covers what I thought was one of the biggest
    takeaways from the show.
  • Matt Cutts & the
    : Another important take-away, not that Matt doesn’t deserve his
  • SES NYC 2006,
    Day 2
    : Probably Matt Cutts’s biggest recap out of the show, but he did
    other blogging you can find via his blog
    home page.

  • SES Dreams For The Future
    : Just out from David Berkowitz, I like his
    express schwag suggestion 🙂
  • SES
    – Pimp My Site
    : Our third time for this session, and it gets a mini-Mardi
    Gras parade as the team helps a specialty confetti company who’s manufacturing
    plant was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. They provided the confetti
    showered upon attendees during the opening, which you can watch in this
    video clip.

More Coverage

The show’s PR team also assembled a list of coverage they spotted each day.
Here’s the rundown they provide me. Did you do coverage that got missed? I can’t
go back and amend this because of time constraints, sorry. But you can let them
know by contacting them (ses AT, so they can watch you in the
future. They might also compile a longer list to go up on the
Search Engine Strategies Blog,
so there’s a chance you might still get included there.

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