Clusty Adds Search Feature To Help Cluster Results For End User

Clusty, a search engine that is focused on clustering results, has added a new feature according to ResourceShelf that makes viewing clustered results easier. Gary explains that if you search on site:mil iraq reports at Clusty, you will notice the clustered results on the left side. Currently highlighted in red is “Air Base, Iraq”, and if you scroll your eyes to the right bottom, middle portion of the page, you will notice a new link named “Search for more results like these.” Clicking on that link brings you to a search query which basically added the “Air Base, Iraq” string to your previous query, better refining your search.

Want to understand this query better, click on “details” on the top line that reads; “Top 150 results of at least 465 retrieved for the query mil iraq reports Air Base, Iraq (Details)”. You will see how comprehensive Clusty can be.

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