Google Sends Settlement Notices In Click Fraud Class Action Case

Google has now sent out notices to advertisers advising them of their rights
in the proposed settlement in a class action case over click fraud filed against
Google by Lane’s Gifts. Information is available on the site that
Google is directing people to. That’s where people will go to make a claim
beginning June 19. The site also explains how to opt-out of a claim or object to
the proposed settlement.

From the

by Google in the Inside AdWords blog:

Now that the preliminary settlement has been approved by the Court, all
members of the class are being notified about the settlement. On May 19 and
20, 2006 (PST), a settlement administration firm sent an email notification
(from [email protected] and with the subject ‘Important Legal Notice
Regarding Your Google AdWords Account’) to all advertisers who purchased
online advertising from Google between January 1, 2002 and the present.

I recommend that you carefully review the information in the email and
visit the site provided by the administration firm:
On the site, you will find links to the official settlement notice and
settlement FAQs, both of which are in .PDF format. To view these documents,
you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

As we have said in the past, we work hard to manage the issue of invalid
clicks, and continue to be very effective in detecting and filtering them in
order to deliver outstanding ROI to our advertisers. The vast majority of
invalid clicks are detected and filtered out before they reach our
advertisers’ bills; if advertisers detect additional invalid clicks, our click
quality team investigates and provides refunds as appropriate. You can read
more information about invalid clicks and how we manage them here and in the
AdWords Help Center here.”

Files Complaint To Block Google Click Fraud Settlement
Advertisers To
Get Notices From Google In Click Fraud Settlement Later This Month
from us
earlier this month cover how not everyone is happy with the proposed settlement.

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Google Sends Out Class Action Settlement Info — Do It Or Not?

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