Daily SearchCast, June 2, 2006: NoFollow Changes Linking, Reputation Management, DOJ Wants Records, Microsoft’s Planned Investment and much & More!

Today’s search podcast covers how the “psychology of linking” has changed, handling bad behavior with reputation management and the DOJ wanting to prosecute so Internet companies need to store those records! Plus Microsoft’s planned investment that totals $6.2 billion and much more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Reputation Management: How To Handle Saboteurs
    The [failure] GoogleBomb had become well-known enough to have seen Marrissa Mayer post a response on the Google company blog last September. I first heard the phrase “Reputation Management” as applied to search from Heather Lloyd-Martin during a private conversation a long time before this. It was obvious Heather was on to something because we’ve all seen search results that produce unexpected listings. David Dalka recently posted his frustration that Googling his name could confuse searchers into thinking he is a millionaire. This may be a personal example, but what if you have a bona-fide saboteur?…

  • NoFollow Changes Linking Behavior
    Jeremy Zawodny posts his commentary on the NoFollow tag after finding an interesting blog entry on how the NoFollow attribute has changed linking behavior. NoFollow was introduced by Google over a year ago to combat prevalent comment spam as blogs became extremely popular. Ever since, NoFollow has had mixed responses from Webmasters, and Jeremy nicely puts it all in perspective. NoFollow has done very little to actually thwart comment spam, and its other effect is to dissuade some from entering legitimate comments. Without a reciprocal link, what motivates readers from commenting on someone else’s website? Jeremy notes the “psychology of…

  • DOJ Asks Microsoft, AOL And Google To Keep records
    Last week during meetings with executives, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales asked several Internet companies to retain records for aiding in their prosecution efforts of terrorists and child predators. They requested lists of emails sent and received and web search information be kept for a reasonable length of time. The content of emails aren’t part of this request, since the proper legal channels through which such information can be sought is by subpoena only….

  • Microsoft’s Investment In The Coming Year
    The open source phenomenon presented a challenge to Microsoft some years back, and it took the company a few years to learn to deal with it. The advent of Google has presented them with a new challenge that a transformation is “not optional” according to Steve Ballmer. While Google exemplifies the type of company success that ad supported software services can yield, Microsoft’s model to date has been entirely different. The investment Microsoft plans for the coming year includes $6.2 billion, $2 billion more than previously budgeted. This investment will go towards building success in ad supported software which includes…

  • SideStep Adds Travel Guides Beta, Names SVP of Engineering
    The battle of features in travel search continues with SideStep launching Travel Guides Beta. Most of the content is licensed from Frommer’s with additional information courtesy of hotel partners. This launch by SideStep comes just about a month after the company announced its activities search….

  • AdSense Calendar
    If you’re an AdSense publisher, then you have a Google Account with access to Google Calendar and other services. As announced on their blog, you can now populate your Google Calendar with events by the AdSense team. Instructions for doing so are in the blog entry. It enables you to view and keep track of system maintenance, blog entries and upcoming events….

  • 55 Ways To Have Fun With Google
    Interested in playing games? Want to learn a few other trick things you can do with Google? Google Blogoscoped author Phillip Lenssen has written a book titled: 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Learn about playing the classic Snake game among others, and using Google calculator utilities etc. According to the description, there’s no programming skills needed. I haven’t read the book, but knowing Phillip’s blog, it sounds like it could be very interesting reading….

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