IndustryDaily SearchCast, June 8, 2006: Yahoo Answers Grows And Grows; Google Sued Over Ad It Refuses To Run; Google Urges Users To Rally For Net Neutrality & More!

Daily SearchCast, June 8, 2006: Yahoo Answers Grows And Grows; Google Sued Over Ad It Refuses To Run; Google Urges Users To Rally For Net Neutrality & More!

Today’s search podcast covers the growth of Yahoo Answers; alternative ways
to be listed in Google and Yahoo; Google sued over ads it doesn’t want to run;
Google rallies users behind net neutrality and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Look Out Wikipedia, Here Comes Yahoo Answers!

    New stats add fuel to the idea that Yahoo Answers is perhaps becoming a
    social interacting phenomenon like YouTube or MySpace. A look at the service’s
    growth and how it works.
  • Yahoo
    Photos Upgraded, Beta Available

    TechCrunch has a good writeup on the new Yahoo Photos beta. To access the beta
    go to and after you sign in, you may see a “try the
    new beta” link, click on that. I personally do not see it, so I will base my
    notes after TechCrunch’s coverage….

  • Alternative Ways Into Google & Yahoo

    Search Engine Guide has an article named Alternative Ways to Get Into Google
    and has an article named 8 Ways to Submit Your Site to Yahoo, so we
    thought it would be nice to make one summary of both….
  • New Link
    Building Guide

    Andy Hagans linked to a new link building guide by Jim Westergren. The guide
    goes over how to build links in 2006. For example it describes the “natural
    simulation” of link development and methods of building links naturally and
    quickly. Just be warned on some of the tactics, there are 43 comments appended
    to the guide, probably worth a full read before deploying all the ideas….
  • Unique
    Content VS. Plagiarism In The Eyes Of An Algorithm

    Chris Boggs over at the Search Engine Roundtable wrote an item named Which
    Came First: the Content or the Plagiarism? which discusses the challenge
    search engines face when it comes to determining the original source of a
    particular piece of content….

  • IceRocket Sale To Think Is Off

    That deal for Think Partnership to purchase blog search engine IceRocket? Andy
    Beal notes that it’s off….
  • Google
    Calls On Users To Lobby For Net Neutrality

    Google cofounder Sergey Brin might not have been able to lobby all the US
    senators he wanted earlier this week to stop a bill that threatens net
    neutrality. But Google still has a big stick to wave — its users. The Debate
    over Net Neutrality on the Official Google Blog urges Google users to call
    their representatives and ask that the bill be stopped (it’s up for a vote
    this week)….
  • Lawsuit
    Over Killed Anti-China Ad On Google

    Google Sued for Allegedly Refusing Anti-China Ad at Wired News covers a
    lawsuit filed against Google after it refused to carry ads from activist
    Christopher Langdon protesting against the Chinese government….
  • Google
    Browser Sync For Firefox

    Google announced a new Firefox plugin named Google Browser Sync. The Firefox
    extension allows you to “synchronizes your browser settings ? including
    bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords ? across your
    computers. It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across
    different machines and browser sessions.” I have a more detailed write up and
    walk through of the extension at the Search Engine Roundtable….
  • The Top
    100 Companies Searched Most On Hoover’s Web site

    Hoover’s released the Hoover’s 100, the top 100 companies searches most on at
    the Hoover’s web site. The top ten are; Wal-Mart, Apple, Proctor & Gamble,
    Dell, Microsoft, GE, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Google and IBM,
    respectively. To view the full top 100, visit The Hoover’s 100….
  • US, UK
    Searchers & The World Cup

    The World Cup opens tomorrow. For my fellow Americans, many of whom may have
    no idea that the US is in it, you might want to check out my personal
    experiences living in World Cup-mad Eng-er-land at the moment. And now the
    run-up to search and soccer is starting. Hitwise: World Cup and Soccer
    Searches over at iMedia Connection covers stats from Hitwise showing how Yahoo
    sent the official FIFA World Cup site the most traffic — no surprise given
    Yahoo’s a key sponsor. You can also see what soccer players are most popular
    among US searchers, with former women’s…


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